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V-Plus Technologies focuses on telecentric lenses including the development, production and sales. Can realize fast customization production to meet the customer OEM requirments, Our team including independent R&D and design team, Have good reputation in our field.

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  • V-Plus and Cognex are long-term partnership

    Talking about Cognex, most famous industry camera manufacturer in the world, has been cooperating with V-Plus for years. Also V-Plus, now is a groundbreaking company in telecentric technology and one of the most innovative manufacturers in machine vision optics worldwide. With high resolution, lo...

  • How to choose a suitable lens in your application?

    In a project which in machine vision,industrial lens is one of the most important elements.So let’s talk about how to choose a industrial lens in your application or project. 1. To make clear the FOV,optical magnification and working distance of the projects from customers. When choose the indust...

  • 2D or 3D Machine Vision Why Not Both

    2D or 3D Machine Vision? Why Not Both? It wasn’t too many years ago that system designers and integrators would do whatever they could to avoid 3D machine vision. It required complex lighting systems, lots of processing power, more engineering, and even more money. Today...